My Bucket List
  1. Get a tattoo
  2. Go to Times Square
  3. Carve a Pumpkin
  4. Be able to blow smoke rings
  5. Shop at Dash
  6. Go to a drive-in movie
  7. Meet Kat Von D
  8. Go zip lining
  9. Go on a safari
  10. Sleep on the beach
  11. Have a suprise party
  12. Go to Universal Studios
  13. See the Hollywood sign
  14. Have a summer romance
  15. Swim in a waterfall
  16. Go to Sea World
  17. Visit Spain
  18. Let go of a floating lantern
  19. Have a big water fight
  20. Dye my hair
  21. Meet Lauren Conrad
  22. Go on an aquarium date
  23. Have a candle-lit bath
  24. Go to Disney Land
  25. Go on a hot air balloon ride
  26. Meet Bruno Mars
  27. Go to the circus
  28. Feel confident without make-up on
  29. Spend an entire day cuddling
  30. Go to Las Vegas
  31. Climb a mountain
  32. Go skinny dipping
  33. Make someone breakfast
  34. Go to a football match
  35. Grow my hair really long
  36. Fly first class
  37. Go on a cruise
  38. Kiss in the rain
  39. Go to Los Angeles
  40. Go to a parade
  41. Breathe in helium
  42. Walk through a drive-thru
  43. Go to Winter Wonderland
  44. Drink from a coconut
  45. Wear Coloured contacts
  46. Go on a zoo date
  47. Get a wreck this journal
  48. Complete a wreck this journal
  49. Go on the Effiel Tower
  50. See The Script live
  51. Kiss someone on New Years 00:00
  52. Spend christmas in New York
  53. Have a Harry Potter Movie Marathon
  54. Go on an independent holiday
  55. Have an important role at a wedding
  56. Go to Hollywood
  57. Get a dog
  58. Go to a tennis match
  59. Learn how to ice skate
  60. Learn how to play an instrument
  61. Go on a stroll in Paris
  62. Go on a yacht
  63. Send a present to a solider
  64. Reciever a love letter
  65. Touch an alligator
  66. Visit The Mall of America
  67. Cuddle infront of an open fire
  68. Visit Buckingham Palace
  69. Swim with Dolphins
  70. Cuddle under the stars
  71. Watch the sunrise at the beach
  72. Kiss under the mistletoe
  73. Eat a crepe in France
  74. Have someone win me something at the fair
  75. Go to a Coldplay concert
  76. Find the perfect wedding dress
  77. Play beer pong
  78. Get my dad to stop smoking
  79. Go on a camping trip with friends
  80. Volunteer somewhere
  81. Meet someone off Tumblr
  82. Visit a castle
  83. Have a Valentine
  84. Go on the London Eye
  85. Own something from Tiffanys & Co
  86. Go to Water Park of America
  87. Make meatballs
  88. Go on a speed boat
  89. Ride a jet ski
  90. Go tubing
  91. Get a cannon
  92. Ride in a yellow cab
  93. Roll down a hill
  94. Be a mother
  95. Get lost
  96. Kiss a stranger
  97. Learn how to skatboard
  98. Lose virginity
  99. Drink
  100. Smoke
  101. Move out
  102. Use a sunbed
  103. Get more than 2 piercing
  104. Sleep on a trampoline
  105. Run for charity
  106. Learn how to swim
  107. Learn how to ride a bike
  108. See Lee Evans live
  109. Buy a house
  110. Go night swimming
  111. Eat and American burger, in America
  112. Do an all nighter
  113. Take a picture with strangers
  114. Have someone make me breakfast in bed
  115. Get married
  116. Go to the Grand Canyon
  117. Go to a football match
  118. Quit smoking
  119. Swim in a rooftop pool
  120. Play spin the bottle
  121. Have a paint fight
  122. Go to Laguna Beach
  123. Go mini golfing
  124. Stick to my new years resolution
  125. Build an igloo
  126. Shower sex
  127. Be someones secret santa
  128. Go trick or treating
  129. See Trey Songz
  130. See Take That
  131. See The Script
  132. See Lee Evans live
  133. Go to the zoo
  134. Finish a game of monoply
  135. Tip a cow
  136. Have sex in a car
  137. Pet an elephant
  138. Go behind a bar
  139. Fall in love
  140. Steal something
  141. Pet a penguin
  142. See Tinie Tempah
  143. Go to Laguna beach
  144. See Labrinth
  145. See Chipmunk
  146. Go in a cave
  147. Join the gym
  148. Go on a shopping spree in The Trafford Centre
  149. Run a half marathon
  150. Run a marathon
  151. Cross a desert
  152. Own a car
  153. Go to Portugal
  154. Pass my driving test
  155. Go christmas caroling
  156. See Notre Dame Cathedral
  157. Put a lock on the Love Lock Bridge in Paris
  158. Walk the Effiel Tower
  159. Get taken to dinner
  160. Go in a hot tub
  161. Go on a booze cruise
  162. Sleep on a balcony 
  163. Have a holiday romance
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